Information about the AXIOM Project

Project Summary
Main goal is to move the research frontier considerably in design of novel integrated methods for solving complex discrete optimization problems. The expected results are innovative methods combining: exact methods, metaheuristics and heterogeneous computing. AXIOM has four workplaces (WPs):
  • WP1 starts from exact methods and analyzes how these methods can be extended and improved using heuristics.
  • WP2 investigates how exact methods are best utilized within a metaheuristic framework.
  • WP3 develops algorithms that fully utilize all processing elements of modern PCs and are flexible and scalable.
  • WP4 experimental data are collected, analyzed, and synthesized into new knowledge and understanding.
Sub goals
  • Involving: 3 PhDs, 1 postdoc
  • 22 journal papers (70 % at the top level of the Norwegian journal ranking system - UHR2)
  • 40 conference talks
  • 12 popular dissemination actions
  • Host 1 conference, 2 external workshops
  • Enhance collaboration between partners
  • 10/15 visits from/to internationally leading researchers
  • New best results for known instances of the inventory routing problem (IRP)
  • New IRP variants, instances, and results made available for the research community
We have four workpackages in the AXIOM project Workpackages diagram
Current progress
  • Mohamed Ben Ahmad: Developing a matheuristic
  • Simen Tung Vadseth: Developing a matheuristic
  • Jørgen Skålnes: Developing an exact Branch-and-Cut algorithm
  • Ly Nguyen: Parallell Computing